Getting Organized

January 13, 2009

photo-11Short version: If you like this blog, please subscribe to my new blog, Scalable Intimacy, here: Subscribe via RSS

Longer Version: Checking feedburner I realized how many of you have subscribed to this blog… I really appreciate it! I’ve made a few changes to my posting strategy lately, and want to make sure you’re getting whatever parts of ‘MikeTrap’ you find the most interesting (hopefully this will help you skip the points that aren’t.)

The basic idea is to begin to separate personal and professional content, so people interested in one aren’t subjected to the other, and people who want both can still get it.


Going forward I’m going to move all of my original posts about social media marketing over to my new blog, Scalable Intimacy. Please check it out if you haven’t already, the Manifesto is a good place to start. You can subscribe to the blog in your RSS reader here: Subscribe to RSS. When I find worthwhile content on this topic on the web, I’m going to post it to my shared items on Google Reader, which you can see here and subscribe to here.


This blog and facebook are going to be for general, personal use. If you’re not on facebook and want my posted items, you can subscribe to them here: Facebook Posted items


I’ll continue to use Twitter for whatever’s on my mind, though emphasis lately has been on building traffic for the new blog. The rest of my social networks are here: Mike’s Social NetworksFriendFeed will get you all of it, though if you’re not my mother (hi mom), I’m not sure why you’d want that.

Anyway thanks for playing, I’ll see you in the wires…


Children’s Music Is Evil.

November 13, 2008

Cross-post from Dad-O-Matic:

I love to cook. For years my pantry included the “cooking wine” that’s probably in your pantry as well.

One day I was watching Michael Chiarello’s show on Food Network, a show about risotto con funghi, one of my favorites. He paused after toasting the arborio and said something like, “At this point I like to add some dry white wine to the rice, I find it gives it a nice crispness underneath. Now whatever you do, PLEASE don’t use that “cooking wine” you find at the grocery store for this. You don’t need anything expensive, but you should NEVER cook with something you wouldn’t gladly drink.”

It hit me like a stone. I tried it next time, and it added a whole new dimension to my risotto, and everything else I use wine in (which is a lot.)

What does this have to do with children’s music? Well, in my house (or at the very least in my car) the same principle applies. I do not play music for my kids that I wouldn’t listen to myself.

Why poison your child’s very soul with some saccharin nonsense sung by a frustrated night club dropout? For God’s sake, you’re trying to prepare that critter for a great life; a life rich with art, lyrical prose, genuine emotion. Raffi is swell and all, but compared to Stevie Wonder? Are you kidding me?

If you doubt this, spin Superstitious the next time you’re in the car with your kids. Give it 3 plays, and if your child doesn’t ask you for that song EVERY TIME they get in the car from then on, I’ll spring for the Laurie Berkner (the LEAST bad of the age challenged genre.)

Some other guaranteed midget-pleasers:

Full disclosure: Most of these are artists I love. But that’s the bonus here, Dadawan.

First time Dads think they need to change themselves, become suddenly interested in the elaborate, highly specialized Kid-O-Sphere that profit seeking enterprises have constructed around their children. Kids music, kids food, kids drinks, kids shows, kids everything. When we were kids we listened to, ate, drank and watched what our parents did, and in the process learned more about our parents and ourselves as people. We learned to love – maybe even later in life – some of the things they loved.

That’s a pretty special connection, I’d say. So which of the music you love can you share with your kids today?

Inexorable March Toward World Domination Continues…

July 29, 2008

hot-comOK, maybe oversold the headline, but it’s been a busy few weeks here in the ‘Mine.

In the span of 7 days, we made three partner announcements adding Pixsy, ffwd, Treedia Labs and MP3 Lunatics to the MatchKey Partner Network(tm).

First was our partnership with Pixsy, whose platform we’ll leverage as our preferred video search and metadata acquisition technology. This will get our video recommendation system off to a great start, and as we deploy the cross-media content selection technologies we have up in our lab, improve recommendation quality across all of our supported media types (now 5: Movies, Music, Blogs, Podcasts, and Online Video.) As a result of the deal Pixsy will also enable their B2B customers to deliver personalized video content recommendations based on our Media Discovery Platform, which is a.) cool, and b.) exciting in terms of further network expansion.

We followed that up with media darling, where matchmine will be powering a personalized video channel. MatchKey users will be able to create a personalized “MatchKey Channel” based on the preferences they express on any site within the MatchKey Partner Network. Again, kewl.

Finally we announced two additional partners, representing four media destination sites. Treedia Labs, which owns and, and MP3 Lunatics, which owns and, will soon use the matchmine Media Discovery Platform™ to enable their users to discover content they love based on their unique preferences, delivering a better recommendation experience that generates longer session times and additional revenue.

We’re rolling right now, working hard to get the next wave of folks out the door and delivering content users will love. In all seriousness I want to thank all of them for getting on the matchmine bandwagon, we will deliver the goods.


Electronic Dad Duty

July 19, 2008

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What’s Wrong With Advertising

April 2, 2008

This is already everywhere, but I can’t help it. Brilliant.

What’s Next In Marketing & Advertising

March 28, 2008
Brilliant slideshow here from Paul Isakson on the new marketing.

matchmine Web Intro

March 27, 2008

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We shot this this morning, for the new web site. Kind of weird for me, but it’s a pretty good intro to matchmine if you only have a minute.

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