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November 16, 2008

I’ve been posting less original content here and more on Dad-O-Matic lately, plus directing lots of content from all over the web onto facebook. If you’re interested and on facebook, that’s probably the best place to friend and follow me. For those of you not on facebook, you can get all of my online content from a tumblr site I’ve created here, and which you can get to via You can subscribe to that feed in your RSS reader here.

Thanks for listening, and please let me know what you like and what you don’t.


First Dad-O-Matic Post

October 12, 2008

Let me know what you think…

A big part of being a good Dad is arming your kids with the tools they’ll need to understand and navigate the world successfully as adults. When I first became a Dad, I took some time to reflect on the adults I knew… on what the ones who were doing better seemed to understand, and on what the ones who were doing worse seemed to have in common.

I uncovered a few insights that seemed important, and now as I await the arrival of my fourth child, I’m pretty sure about the most important lesson I’ve had for the first three.

Business Casual

June 18, 2008

Right this minute, 3:30 on Wednesday, June 18, I’m supposed to be speaking on a panel at Harvard Business School Publishing’s “Meet Customers 3.0 Conference: Mastering the Changing Relationship Between Customers and Brands,” in New York. Instead I’m in my hotel room a few blocks away, upset but reflective.

Why? Because on arriving at the venue of this event I was turned away. It seems that jeans – even dark, neat jeans paired with a yellow collared shirt and navy Calvin Klein sport coat – are not acceptable attire for the club. Jacket and tie are required of all gentlemen, inclusive of conference attendees and speakers.


I’m left trying to decide what to feel. Should I be embarrassed? Am I an uncultured ass for wearing jeans to a conference at which I was speaking, particularly one in New York, and at the Met Club? Or am I rightfully indignant? Have I been unfairly shunned for attire which in my experience – as an ad guy in this city, long time tech executive in others, and 3-time CEO – balances my personal preferences with the need for a certain level of professionalism?

On the one hand the conference is at The Metropolitan Club, which one can readily discern requires jacket and tie. On the other, advance materials for the conference feature a sub-head called “Attire,” under which appears, “Recommended attire is business casual.”

So which is it? Am I an ass, unfit to walk the halls of power, or a 21st century exec, wronged by a 19th century institution?

“Time wounds all heels.”

June 13, 2008

The brilliant pun above (with credit to Mr. Lennon) is only one of the worthwhile things to be gleaned from this great post on the selfishJohn Lennon reasons serial entrepreneurs need to be decent people.


Successful serial entrepreneurs know that each relationship they develop is a potential goldmine. As noted in Your Personal Pitch, in order to be successful, entrepreneurs must enlist the help of numerous Donors – individuals who are in a position to give their adVenture a helping hand. Most employees, investors, customers and suppliers prefer to work with people and organizations which they trust. Thus, as noted in Corporate Creed, dishonesty is a major handicap for an entrepreneur, just as honesty and integrity are significant assets.

Amen. The rest here.

Can you make a car from cloth?

June 11, 2008

BMW GINA Concept Car

This is very cool, both as an end product, and for what it says about the direction Bangle is taking BMW’s design philosophy.

Bravo, BMW.

Authenticity & Leadership

May 30, 2008

Great article in the New York Times about how the nature of leadership may be evolving. Leaders themselves are stuggling to integrate their professional and personal lives, just as people within companies are more hungry for authenticity and a personal relationship with those they choose to follow.

This ties very tightly to the twitter / blogging sensibilities I’ve discussed here, about trying to be a real person and sharing your true feelings with others. I’m not sure which way the causality runs (did the blogosphere create this desire for a personal connection, or did the desire for more personal connections create the blogosphere?) but I find the topic pretty fascinating as both a leader and a student of human nature.

What do you think?

Gas Tax Stupidity

May 2, 2008

I heard the other day that Senators McCain and Clinton had both come out in favor of a federal tax holiday on gas for the summer. Sounds great, except it isn’t. The oil companies will just raise their prices, AND what we really need now is a.) for people to adjust their behavior toward energy independence, rather than take the easy way out, and b.) leadership on that issue and not political gimmicks.

I saw this online this morning:

He’s still my guy.


Follow up… 150 economists who have signed on to a petition indicating this to be a bad idea:

HRC has yet to produce ONE who agrees with her.