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photo-11Short version: If you like this blog, please subscribe to my new blog, Scalable Intimacy, here: Subscribe via RSS

Longer Version: Checking feedburner I realized how many of you have subscribed to this blog… I really appreciate it! I’ve made a few changes to my posting strategy lately, and want to make sure you’re getting whatever parts of ‘MikeTrap’ you find the most interesting (hopefully this will help you skip the points that aren’t.)

The basic idea is to begin to separate personal and professional content, so people interested in one aren’t subjected to the other, and people who want both can still get it.


Going forward I’m going to move all of my original posts about social media marketing over to my new blog, Scalable Intimacy. Please check it out if you haven’t already, the Manifesto is a good place to start. You can subscribe to the blog in your RSS reader here: Subscribe to RSS. When I find worthwhile content on this topic on the web, I’m going to post it to my shared items on Google Reader, which you can see here and subscribe to here.


This blog and facebook are going to be for general, personal use. If you’re not on facebook and want my posted items, you can subscribe to them here: Facebook Posted items


I’ll continue to use Twitter for whatever’s on my mind, though emphasis lately has been on building traffic for the new blog. The rest of my social networks are here: Mike’s Social NetworksFriendFeed will get you all of it, though if you’re not my mother (hi mom), I’m not sure why you’d want that.

Anyway thanks for playing, I’ll see you in the wires…


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