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It’s that time of year again, time for the annual beauty contest that is the SXSW Panel Picker.

(Cooler than logo, links to SXSW site.)

(Cooler than logo, links to SXSW site.).

Here’s our pitch:

“Just For You”… Really?
Level: Advanced
Type: Panel
Category: New Technology / Next Generation
Presenter: Mike Troiano, matchmine LLC
Description: Personalization technologies are all over the web now, with applications everywhere offering recommendations for movies, music, video, blogs and most anything else we might like online. Do any of these systems work, and if so how? Is “Discovery” the next “Search,” or just an excuse for behavioral targeting systems that compromise privacy? Finally… If you’re a site publisher interested in adding personalized recommendations, how do you pick a partner to help you get there, or strike out on your own and get the feature built????



One Response to Support Our SXSW Panel!

  1. Nabeel Hyatt says:

    Cool. Will do. Spread the love as well if you’re interested in the panel I’m presenting.

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