Inexorable March Toward World Domination Continues…

hot-comOK, maybe oversold the headline, but it’s been a busy few weeks here in the ‘Mine.

In the span of 7 days, we made three partner announcements adding Pixsy, ffwd, Treedia Labs and MP3 Lunatics to the MatchKey Partner Network(tm).

First was our partnership with Pixsy, whose platform we’ll leverage as our preferred video search and metadata acquisition technology. This will get our video recommendation system off to a great start, and as we deploy the cross-media content selection technologies we have up in our lab, improve recommendation quality across all of our supported media types (now 5: Movies, Music, Blogs, Podcasts, and Online Video.) As a result of the deal Pixsy will also enable their B2B customers to deliver personalized video content recommendations based on our Media Discovery Platform, which is a.) cool, and b.) exciting in terms of further network expansion.

We followed that up with media darling, where matchmine will be powering a personalized video channel. MatchKey users will be able to create a personalized “MatchKey Channel” based on the preferences they express on any site within the MatchKey Partner Network. Again, kewl.

Finally we announced two additional partners, representing four media destination sites. Treedia Labs, which owns and, and MP3 Lunatics, which owns and, will soon use the matchmine Media Discovery Platform™ to enable their users to discover content they love based on their unique preferences, delivering a better recommendation experience that generates longer session times and additional revenue.

We’re rolling right now, working hard to get the next wave of folks out the door and delivering content users will love. In all seriousness I want to thank all of them for getting on the matchmine bandwagon, we will deliver the goods.



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