What the frak is Social Media?

Great slideshow here, from the lovely, talented and rarely-limited-by-underconfidence Marta Kagen.

Entrant in the “World’s Best Presentation” contest on Slide, please vote for it if you’re so inclined.


One Response to What the frak is Social Media?

  1. Eamon says:

    Very interesting and useful slide show.

    For a long time, ad agencies have talked about clients having conversations with customers. Now they have it (with blogs, in particular, I think).

    But how best to use social media to get customers to talk about your brand in a positive way? How should clients respond to social media?

    I know this is a big question and lots of people in the business aren’t too sure at all themselves. Perhaps some readers of this article could post a few ideas. Doesn’t matter if they are ‘incorrect’.

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