Goodbye, Tim

TimSurprising devastated by the loss of Tim Russert.

First there’s the sadness that accompanies the death of someone you feel you “know.” Then there are thoughts about his wife, son and Dad. Brutal. Next the loss to the country, having one less grownup in the media to help us make sense of it all. Finally the thought of my own mortality. You take your pills, you get on the treadmill… he had a stress test a few weeks ago. Dead at work, his family in Italy.

Hard to make sense of it, really.

He made a mark on this world in his life, not only because he was great at the important work he did for so many, but because by all accounts he was a good man who took care of the people around him. Who knows when my time will come, I just hope the same can be said of me when it does.


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