Gas Tax Stupidity

I heard the other day that Senators McCain and Clinton had both come out in favor of a federal tax holiday on gas for the summer. Sounds great, except it isn’t. The oil companies will just raise their prices, AND what we really need now is a.) for people to adjust their behavior toward energy independence, rather than take the easy way out, and b.) leadership on that issue and not political gimmicks.

I saw this online this morning:

He’s still my guy.


Follow up… 150 economists who have signed on to a petition indicating this to be a bad idea:

HRC has yet to produce ONE who agrees with her.


6 Responses to Gas Tax Stupidity

  1. Jim Richmond says:

    How would a socialist know about temporary tax cuts would effect the economy. I like the idea that Gas companies foot the bill for our summer for a short term relief and find some long-term solution. I doubt that Obama would know anything about how the economy works other than welfare and social programs. Our country has never been market driven economy and anybody who would think so is stupid. Gas tax relief and have the gas company actually help out pay for the short-term relief. Obama is the last one to cry foul on tax relief. Do you believe the gas company will raise 18 cents just to cover the tax relief. What is his solution on economic relief for a working man on a short-term basis as well as long-term relief. Just remember it is easy to criticize someone else’s idea as opposed coming out with your own original idea. Obama hasn’t shown anything original coming out of his mouth. I didn’t think this country was this gullible to support an idiot like Obama.

  2. leighg1 says:

    Hillary just got a big boost by spinning gas tax. Experts say the suspension would only hike oil company profits! The trouble is not she got the problem wrong, but she got it wrong purposely to fool the voters.

    150 Economists, including 3 Nobel Prize Winners, issued an open letter May 2 opposing suspension of gas tax for the summer and called it a bad public policy:

    Brookings’ Henry Aaron sends over a statement (.pdf) signed today by 150 economists opposing the gas tax holiday. They include Nobelists Joe Stiglitz, James Heckman and Daniel Kahneman, as well as a Clinton O.M.B. director, Alice Rivlin, and Robert Shapiro, the chief economic adviser to Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign. The letter says “Signers of this letter are Democrats, Republicans and Independents.”

    Link for the open letter here:

    Besides, the suspension would cost 7000 construction jobs in NC because of the lost $9 billion highway fund!

  3. leighg1 says:

    A fact on Obama’s life: After graduated from Columbia Univ., Obama took a job in IL at $12000/year plus $1000 for a car in the poorest, dirtiest neighborhood as a community organizer. All his family and friends thought he was crazy. How many of us can do that???

  4. Pat in Los Angeles says:

    Is Obama out to lunch? When it costs $90 to fill up my car out here in CA … I’ll take whatever break I can get! I don’t care if I save $10, $25 or $105! I don’t care what the “experts” say, and I don’t care what he says. I would like to save SOMETHING! $10 buys me lunch. $25 buys me dinner. $105 buys me groceries. I WANT a small break. I NEED a small victory! I don’t need a lesson on the integral workings of oil production and Dept of Highway funding. Why is Obama ALWAYS lecturing us? Does he think we’re slow? Does he think we’re ignorant? Does he think we’re slow, ignorant, AND bitter? Watch how fast, informed, and gleeful I’ll be in the poll booth in November … when I vote for ANYONE but him.

  5. miketrap says:

    As follow up given the diversity of opinion here…Here’s a list of 150 economists who have signed on to a petition indicating this to be a bad idea:

    HRC has yet to produce ONE who agrees with her.

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