The Next Big Thing

Nice piece by Don Dodge on the matchmine enhancements announced today:

Today MatchMine announced new media partners, and improvements in the service. More on that later. First let me summarize what I think are the major leaps forward for MatchMine;

1. No more client download required. You can start using MatchMine with just one click on a partner web site.
2. Content partner sites can easily integrate MatchMine with a plug-in widget or by using their APIs.
3. The business model is a win/win. Free to consumers, and a revenue share from partners based on incremental revenue.
4. MatchMine preferences follow you to any new partner site. No more need to start from scratch building up your preferences for each new site.

Why is that important? MatchMine has lowered the barriers to adoption for both users and partners, and instantly increased the effectiveness of recommendations.

Spot on, IMHO… Thanks, Don!


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