Social Media 101

I’m officially a huge fan of Chris Brogan, whose latest newsletter is the best, mostChris Brogan plainspoken, insightful and unpretentious intro to social media ever. The intro paragraph will give you the feel:

You’ve been told to “get involved” in social media, or you’ve come to it willingly to explore and experience. And yet, it’s not like there are any easy on-roads, and no one’s really explaining what’s useful and what’s not. Part of what I’m doing with the newsletters is just that: giving you some advice and guidance and insight (for you, and to share with others). Am I the only guy with a clue? Heck no. There are a few great people who are exploring and experimenting and determining through effort what works and what doesn’t. I’m just one of them.

Check this guy out, he’s the real deal.


One Response to Social Media 101

  1. chrisbrogan says:

    I’m so grateful for the kind words, Mike, and it’s really exciting to see folks in the MyBlogLog sidebar that I know, because it means others know you’re writing good stuff, too.

    Thanks and glad you’re part of the game. : )

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