Data Portability

Been a while since my last post, top of mind right now is all this data portability stuff triggered by ScobleGate.

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Worth reiterating in case it’s not clear that the idea that your data is yours has been at the very heart of matchmine since day one.

We’re working through the details on what this means before we get more formally committed to it, but we will get behind APML, and we very much support the objectives of the Data Portability Workgroup. Our platform can easily enable users to export their preferences as APML, which as a standard will inevitably provide a baseline rather than a comprehensive solution. We believe users – as well as the publishers and advertisers who are other important constituencies in this problem – will need both tools and platforms to manage this data, and in some cases deeper science to extend it’s functionality.

Trent has already reached out to Chris Saad with an offer of help. As soon as he gets out from under, look for something about matchmine getting on board.


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