matchmine for Mac

We released the Mac version today, a particular milestone for me since I use one at home and at work. To be honest I was a bit sheepish about not having the Mac version ready when we launched on Windows, but I couldn’t justify the trade-off to more pressing dev requirements.

Apple Logo

I was a little surprised by the demand for it right after launch, though. Pleasantly surprised… with all due respect to our friends in Redmond, I’m a huge fan of the Mac, and find it hard to understand why anyone uses anything else.

GateKeeper for Mac (the other apps are platform agnostic) works well, but we still have some work to do to integrate it with the task bar up top. For now it runs in the launch bar, and though that necessitates an odd looking window with a logo in it (which you can obviously minimize,) the app has all the functionality of the wintard version and is just as secure.

Anyway, have at it, and don’t forget to give us your feedback on the Forum page.

Much love, Namaste.


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