Partners, Partners, Partners, Partners…

To paraphrase another balding, hyper-intense ex-marketing guy with a glandular intensity problem, matchmine needs to get focused on 4 things right now: Partners, Partners, Partners, Partners.

Back from a 24-hour trip to Denver to meet with a potential “anchor” in the online movie space, and I was struck by how different these conversations have become since DEMO. Whether it’s because of the credibility lent by that event and the surrounding press, or just because we’ve now got our act together on product and messaging, these guys got it immediately. The concept of portable personalization clearly resonated with them, as did the power of our user-centic (or, if you prefer, medium-, application-, and device-agnostic) approach to media discovery. The next steps in that conversation parallel our fourth quarter priorities right now; first validate the predictive value of our science in the context of their content set (kind of a slam dunk, IMHO), then get focused on the technical and user experience details of matchmine-enabling thier application.

As might be expected, we’re still heads down getting the trailing end of the DEMO release out the door right now… things like Mac support, the facebook app, and a few of the other goodies that will give users more places to get value from thier MatchKeys today. Expect this follow-up release late next week, after which job 1 at matchmine is to get our first 3 Partners (Fuzz, FilmCrave and Peerflix) live and ecstatic about us, then begin announcing and launching the second wave.

We’re of course doing all this while taking the next step in our evolution toward being a grown-up business with real processes and lines of accountability, but this too is to be expected. The point is we’ve connected with the marketplace, we have our story straight, and now it’s just a matter of delivery – something we, in the end, control.

This is fun, I hope it is for the rest of the team as well. To quote Mr. Ballmer again, “I love this company.”


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