matchmine Selected for DEMO 2007!

Great news in the ‘mine this week… We’ve officially been selected by Chris Shipley and the team at DEMO to participate in the Fall event!!! This is a great honor for us, and more powerful validation that we’re on to something worthwhile.

For those of you who don’t know about DEMO and didn’t click the links above, I’ll quote Mary Kathleen Flynn of The Deal:

“For an early look at emerging technologies, the Demo conferences can’t be beat. Attended by corporate execs, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other tech junkies, the semiannual events feature demonstrations of dozens of new products, none of which has previously been shown publicly. Unlike other trade shows that allow any company that can afford it to exhibit, each product at the Demo conferences is handpicked by executive producer Chris Shipley, a discerning journalist and analyst who has covered the industry for more than 20 years.”

Kewl. With characteristic economy, Ed Baig at USA Today has said:

“I am eagerly anticipating the Demo conference… In years past, the influential tech shindig has been the launching pad for Palm, Handspring, the Java programming language and E*Trade.”

Nice company.

We’ll be ready. See you in San Diego.


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