matchmine Update

Exciting times here in the ‘Mine.

We’re about to launch the new version of our website, albeit with a lot of “COMING SOON” sections awaiting the availability of MyMovieMatch 2.0 in just a couple more weeks.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new MyMovieMatch UI:

MMM 2.0

Schwanky, no?

MMM2.0, as it’s affectionately known inside, will take a few giant steps away from the passive recommendations which characterized 1.0 and toward active discovery. You’ll be able to filter outputs to the main stage using genre and release status drop downs, as well as sliders indicating “funny > serious,” “light > dark,” and “popular > unusual.” There’s even a “mashup” feature that will let you drop 2 films into input boxes and output films representing their mid-point. If you’ve ever said, “I’m kind of in the mood for a mix of Usual Suspects and Blade” or something, you get the point.

Once the main stage is filled you’ll be able to flip through covers as you would in a catalog app. Selecting a film populates the info section, where you’ll be able to play a trailer, get more info, or acquire the film for rent or purchase through various means. Flipping a film to the back cover will reveal the attributes that led to delivery of that film, something a lot of people asked for in 1.0.

The UI is cool enough that our partners at Adobe have selected MyMovieMatch as a showcase of the Apollo Beta, which we’re pretty proud of. More on this later.

All in all, pretty cool stuff, and just a fraction of what the matchmine platform can do. When the new site launches, you’ll be able to sign up to be notified of the new app as soon as it’s ready.

Stay tuned, some cool stuff coming down the pipe soon.


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  1. UberRob says:

    Excellent job, Mike – this looks great.

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