Google’s Threat to Online Schizophrenia

Great post here on Google, from good friend and fellow Quber Rob Demillo. Before commentary on DClick, Web History, StreetView and now Personalized Mobile Search, Rob says:

anyone else getting weirded out by Google’s slow encroachment on privacy?

Uh… yea. You can also throw in Google Desktop, where Sergey and friends will do you the favor of examining every file on your hard drive.

Since the days when everyone had 6 AOL e-mail addresses, people have managed multiple personas online. Today at least one of those persona’s is accurate and verifiable – think LinkedIn, OpenID, even Facebook vs. MySpace. Our other personas – and now avatars in environments like SecondLife – enabled a kind of virtual anonymity that on balance is good for the exchange of ideas in digital space.

I think the hand-wringing over and it’s brethren may be a red herring for the real thing paranoid people should be trying not to worry about, which is Google’s emerging ability to a.) know and b.) connect the dots on everything we do online.


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