Oh great. Another blog.

I’ve been asked by both marketing and the recruiters to start a blog. I’ve been told it’s important, that it’s come to be expected of CEO’s in forward thinking companies, that it will give insiders a closer connection to me, and outsiders a better understanding of who we are and what we’re about. These are assumed to be good things.

Having signed up for this, on condition that this “blog” (I hate that word) reflect my personal views rather than those of our company, matchmine, I first set out to overcome my general disdain for the “blogosphere” (even worse,) and understand what all the fuss was about.

I checked a bunch out yesterday, in and around the space of our company. I looked at personal blogs, a bunch of exec blogs, and even some competitive blogs. I learned about Technorati and MyBlogLog, all about the range of widgets people add to thier blogs, and about the arms race between the “Bloggers” (blech) trying to get in front of everyone and the Normal People trying to filter the wheat from the chaff.

The blogs I seem to like are sincere, unencumbered by an overarching personal agenda, direct, insightful, and brief. The most successful blogs seem to be from thoughtful people who consume and lend fresh insight to the work of others. I will try to hold myself to these standards, feel free to call me on it when I fail to reach them.

So… A Blog is born. And the world yawns…


One Response to Oh great. Another blog.

  1. Michelle Heath says:

    And so it begins…I look forward to hearing more.

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